Journal publications


Surface and interior meridional circulation in the Sun
Shravan Hanasoge, Living Reviews in Solar Physics, in press

Discovery of high-frequency retrograde waves in the Sun
Christopher Hanson, Shravan Hanasoge and K R Sreenivasan, Nature Astronomy, 6, 708

Imaging the Sun’s near-surface flows using normal-mode coupling
Prasad Mani, Christopher Hanson and  Shravan Hanasoge, Astrophysical Journal, 926, 127; arXiv e-print 2201.00178

Measuring Frequency and Period Separations in Red-giant Stars Using Machine Learning
Siddharth Dhanpal et al., Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 928, 188; arXiv e-print 2202.07599 


Rayleigh-wave H/V ratio measurement from ambient noise cross-correlations and its sensitivity to Vp: a numerical study
Ajay Malkoti, Arjun Datta and Shravan Hanasoge, Geophysical Journal International, 227, 1

Investigating toroidal flows in the Sun using normal-mode coupling
Prasad Mani and  Shravan Hanasoge, Astrophysical Journal, 920, 36; arXiv e-print 2108.01426

Characterising solar surface convection using Doppler measurements
Samarth G. Kashyap and  Shravan Hanasoge, Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 916, 2; arXiv e-print 2105.12055 

Detecting Rossby modes with even azimuthal orders using helioseismic normal-mode coupling
Krishnendu Mandal, Shravan Hanasoge and Laurent Gizon, Astronomy & Astrophysics, 652, A96; arXiv e-print 2106.03971 

Inferring solar differential rotation through normal-mode coupling using Bayesian statistics
Samarth G. Kashyap, Srijan Bharti Das, Shravan Hanasoge, Martin F. Woodard and Jeroen Tromp, Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 253, 2; arXiv e-print 2101.08933 

Analyzing supergranular power spectra using helioseismic normal-mode coupling
Christopher Hanson, Shravan Hanasoge and Katepalli Sreenivasan, Astrophysical Journal, 910, 156; arXiv e-print 2102.08715 


Application and interpretation of deep learning for identifying pre-emergence magnetic-field patterns
Dattaraj Dhuri, Shravan M. Hanasoge, Aaron Birch and Hannah Schunker, Astrophysical Journal, 903, 1; arXiv e-print 2009.06287

Validating inversions for toroidal flows using normal-mode coupling
Prasad Subramanian and Shravan M. Hanasoge, Astrophysical Journal, 901, 2; arXiv e-print 2008.08834

Turbulence in the Sun is suppressed on large scales and confined to the equatorial regions
Shravan M. Hanasoge, Hideyuki Hotta and K. R. Sreenivasan, Science Advances, 6, 30, eaba9639

Solar wind prediction using deep learning
Upendran, Vishal, Cheung, M. C. M, Hanasoge, Shravan and Krishnamurthi, Ganapathi, Space Weather (AGU), 18, 9; arXiv e-print 2006.05825 

A General Formulation for Computing Spherical Helioseismic Sensitivity Kernels while Incorporating Systematical Effects
Bhattacharya, Jishnu, Hanasoge, Shravan M. and Sreenivasan, Katepalli R., Astrophysical Journal, 895, 117; arXiv e-print 2009.07056

Sensitivity Kernels for Inferring Lorentz Stresses from Normal-mode Frequency Splittings in the Sun
Das, Srijan Bharati, Chakraborty, Tuneer, Hanasoge, Shravan M. and Tromp, Jeroen, Astrophysical Journal, 897, 38; arXiv e-print 2004.14536

Supervised convolutional neural networks for classification of flaring and non-flaring active regions using line-of-sight magnetograms
Bhattacharjee, Shamik, Alshehhi, Rasha, Dhuri, Dattaraj B. and Hanasoge, Shravan M., Astrophysical Journal, 898, 2; arXiv e-print 2005.13333

Properties of Solar Rossby Waves from Normal Mode Coupling and Characterizing Its Systematics
Mandal, K. and Hanasoge, S., Astrophysical Journal, 891, 125; arXiv e-print 1908.05890

Visibility challenges for Asian scientists (opinion piece)
Hanasoge, S. et al. 2020, Nature Reviews Physics 2, 4


Finite frequency inversion of cross-correlation amplitudes for ambient noise source directivity estimation
Datta, A., Hanasoge, S. M. and Goudswaard, J., Journal of Geophysical Research – Solid Earth; Earth arxiv preprint

Machine learning reveals systematic accumulation of electric current in lead up to solar flares
Dhuri, D., Hanasoge, S. M. and Cheung, M. C. M., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA; arXiv e-print 1905.10167

Discovery of Rossby waves in the Sun using normal-mode coupling
Hanasoge, S. M. and Krishnendu Mandal, Astrophysical Journal Letters 871,32; arXiv e-print 1901.06479

Supervised neural networks for helioseismic ring-diagram inversions
Rasha Alshehhi, Chris Hanson, Laurent Gizon & Shravan Hanasoge, Astronomy & Astrophysics, 622, A124; arXiv e-print 1901.01505

Latitudinal differential rotation in the solar analogues 16 Cyg A and B
M. Bazot et al., Astronomy & Astrophysics, 623, 125; arXiv e-print 1902.01676


Asteroseismic detection of latitudinal differential rotation in 13 Sun-like stars
O. Benomar et al., Science, 361, 1231; arXiv e-print 1809.07938

Helioseismic inversion to infer the depth profile of solar meridional flow using spherical Born kernels
Mandal, K., Hanasoge, S. M., Rajaguru, S.P. & H. M. Antia, Astrophysical Journal, 863, 39; arXiv e-print 1807.00314

Asymmetry of line profiles of stellar oscillations measured by Kepler for ensembles of solar-like oscillators: impact on mode frequencies and dependence on effective temperature
Benomar, O. et al., Astrophysical Journal Letters, 857, 119; arXiv e-print 1804.06117

Measurement process and inversions using normal-mode coupling
Hanasoge, S. M., Astrophysical Journal, 861, 46; arXiv e-print 1802.02776

SWRT: A package for semi-analytical solutions of surface wave propagation, including mode conversion, across transversely aligned vertical discontinuities  
Datta, Arjun, Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems, 7, 101


Renormalization Group theory outperforms other approaches in statistical comparison between upscaling techniques for porous media
Shravan Hanasoge, Umang Agarwal, Kunj Tandon, & J. M. A. Vianney Koelman, Physical Review E, 96, 033313; arXiv e-print 1709.04768

Recovery of subsurface profiles of supergranules via iterative inversion of synthetic travel times
Bhattacharya, J., Hanasoge, S. M., Birch, A. C. & Gizon, L., Astronomy & Astrophysics, 607, 129; arXiv e-print 1708.03464

Seismic sensitivity of normal-mode coupling to Lorentz stresses in the Sun
Hanasoge, S. M., Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 470, 2780; arXiv e-print 1705.09431

Finite-frequency sensitivity kernels in spherical geometry for time-distance helioseismology
Mandal, K., Bhattacharya, J., Halder, S. & Hanasoge, S. M., Astrophysics Journal, 842, 89; arXiv e-print 1705.04020

Sensitivity of helioseismic measurements of normal-mode coupling to flows and sound-speed perturbations
Hanasoge, S. M., Woordard, M. F., Antia, H. M., Gizon, L. & Sreenivasan, K. R., Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 470, 1404; arXiv e-print 1705.08204

Numerical analysis of the lattice Boltzmann method for simulation of linear acoustic waves
Dhuri, D., Hanasoge, S. M., Perlekar, P., & Robertsson, J. O. A., Physical Review E, 95, 4, 043306; arXiv e-print 1704.03172

Discrete Wave Equation Upscaling
Fichtner, A. & Hanasoge, S. M., Geophysics Journal International, Express Letters, 209, 353; PDF


Asteroseismic determination of fundamental parameters of Sun-like stars using multilayered neural networks
Verma, K., Hanasoge, S. M., Bhattacharya, J., Antia, H. M., & Krishnamurthi, G., Monthly Notices of Royal Astronomical Society 461, 4206; arXiv e-print 1602.00902

Spatio-Spectral Concentration of Convolutions
Hanasoge, S. M., Journal of Computational Physics, 313, 674; arXiv e-print 1603.02101

Strategies in the Seismic Inference of Supergranular Flows in the Sun
Bhattacharya, J. & Hanasoge, S. M., Astrophysical Journal 826, 105; arXiv e-print 1605.09315

Seismic Sounding of Convection in the Sun
Hanasoge, S. M., Gizon, L. & Sreenivasan, K. R., Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, 48, 191; arXiv e-print 1503.07961


Imaging Convection and Magnetism in the Sun
Hanasoge, S. M., 2015 (Monograph); Springer Applied Mathematical Briefs series

Solar Dynamics, Rotation, Convection and Overshoot
Hanasoge, S. M., Miesch M. S., Roth, M., Schou, J., Schuessler, M., & Thompson, M. J., Space Science Reviews, 24H; arXiv e-print 1503.08539

Interpreting Cross Correlations in Seismology
Hanasoge, S. M., ‘Extra-terrestrial Seismology’, ed. Vincent Tong, Cambridge University Press

Simulating Acoustic Waves in Spotted Stars
Papini, E., Birch, A. C., Gizon, L. & Hanasoge, S. M., Astronomy & Astrophysics, 577, 145; arXiv e-print 1503.06032

Frequency Shifts of Resonant Modes of the Sun due to Near-Surface Convective Scattering
Bhattacharya, J., Hanasoge, S. M., & Antia, H. M., Astrophysical Journal, 806, 246; arXiv e-print 1505.04048


The Quest To Understand Supergranulation and Large-Scale Convection in the Sun
Hanasoge, S. M. & Sreenivasan, K. R., Solar Physics, 289, 3403; arXiv e-print 1401.0110

Full Waveform Inversion of Solar Interior Flows
Hanasoge, S. M., Astrophysical Journal, 797, 23; arXiv e-print 1410.1981

Additional Evidence Supporting a Model of Shallow, High-Speed Supergranulation
Duvall, T. L., Jr., Hanasoge, S. M. & Chakraborty, S., Solar Physics, 76D; arXiv e-print 1404.2533

Full Waveform Inversion for Time-Distance Helioseismology
Hanasoge, S. M. & Tromp, J., Astrophysical Journal, 784, 69; arXiv e-print 1401.7603

Measurements and kernels for source-structure inversions in noise tomography
Hanasoge, S. M., Geophysical Journal International, 196, 971; arXiv e-print 1310.0857


Interpreting Cross-Correlations of One-bit Filtered Seismic Noise
Hanasoge, S. M. & Branicki, M., Geophysical Journal International, 195, 3, 1811, arXiv e-print 1308.3646

Propagation of Seismic Waves through Spatio-Temporally Fluctuating Medium: Homogenization
Hanasoge, S. M., Gizon, L. & Bal, G., Astrophysical Journal, 773, 2, 101, arXiv e-print 1306.3620

Testing Helioseismic-Holography Inversions for Supergranular Flows Using Synthetic Data
Dombroski, D., Birch, A. C., Braun, D. C. & Hanasoge, S. M., Solar Physics 282, 2, 361, arXiv e-print 1211.6886

Seismic Constraints on Rotation of Sun-like Star and Mass of Exoplanet
Gizon, L. et al., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 110, 13267, arXiv e-print 1308.4352


Seismic Probes of Solar Interior Magnetic Structure
Hanasoge, S. M., Birch, A. C., Gizon, L. & Tromp, J., Physical Review Letters 109, 10, 101101, arXiv e-print 1207.4352

Anomalously Weak Solar Convection
Hanasoge, S. M., Duvall, T. L., Jr. & Sreenivasan, K. R., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 109, 11928, arXiv e-print 1206.3173

Detectable Seismic Consequences of the Interaction of a Primordial Black Hole With Earth
Luo, Y., Hanasoge, S. M., Tromp, J. & Pretorius, F., Astrophysical Journal, 751, 16, arXiv e-print 1203.3086

The Influence of Noise Sources on Cross-Correlation Amplitudes
Hanasoge, S. M., Geophysical Journal International, 192, 1, 295, arXiv e-print 1210.2313

Subsurface Supergranular Vertical Flows as Measured Using Large-Distance Separations in Time-Distance Helioseismology
Duvall, T. L., Jr. & Hanasoge, S. M., Solar Physics 287, 1-2, 71, arXiv e-print 1207.6075

Multichannel 3-D SOLA Inversion for Local Helioseismology
Jackiewicz, J., Birch, A. C., Gizon, L., Hanasoge, S. M., Hohage, T., Ruffio, J.-B. & Svanda, M., Solar Physics, 276, 19, arXiv e-print 1109.2712


The Adjoint Method Applied to Time-Distance Helioseismology
Hanasoge, S. M., Birch, A. C., Gizon, L. & Tromp, J., Astrophysical Journal, 738, 100, arXiv e-print 1105.4263

Lattice-Boltzmann Formulation for Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
Hanasoge, S. M., Succi, S. & Orszag, S. A., Europhysics Letters, 96, 14002, arXiv e-print 1108.2651

Transient Solar Oscillations Driven by Primordial Black Holes
Kesden, M. & Hanasoge, S. M., Physical Review Letters, 107, 1101, arXiv e-print 1106.0011

Validated helioseismic inversions for 3-D vector flows
Svanda, M., Gizon, L., Hanasoge, S. M. & Ustyugov, S. D., Astronomy & Astrophysics, 530, 148, arXiv e-print 1104.4083


Noise Cross-Correlation Sensitivity Kernels
Tromp, J., Luo, Y., Hanasoge, S. M. & Peter, D., Geophysical Journal International, 183, 791

Modeling the Sub-surface Structure of Sunspots
Moradi et al., Solar Physics, 267, 1, arXiv e-print 0912.4982

An Absorbing Boundary Formulation for the Stratified, Linearized Ideal MHD Equations Based on an Unsplit, Convolutional Perfectly Matched Layer
Hanasoge, S. M., Komatitsch, D. & Gizon, L., Astronomy & Astrophysics, 522, 87, arXiv e-print 1003.0725

Seismic Constraints on Interior Solar Convection
Hanasoge, S. M., T. L. Duvall, Jr. & DeRosa, M. L., Astrophysical Journal Letters, 712L, 98, arXiv e-print 1001.4508


A Wave Scattering Theory of Solar Seismic Power Halos
Hanasoge, S. M., Astronomy and Astrophysics, 503, 595, arXiv e-print 0906.4671

Multiple Scattering of Waves by a Pair of Gravitationally Stratified Flux Tubes
Hanasoge, S. M. & Cally, P. S., Astrophysical Journal, 697, 651, arXiv e-print 0812.1284

Sub-wavelength Resolution Imaging of the Solar Deep Interior
Hanasoge, S. M. & Duvall, T. L., Jr., Astrophysical Journal, 693, 1678, arXiv e-print 0812.0119

Surface-Focused Seismic Holography of Sunspots: II. Expectations from Numerical Simulations Using Sound-Speed Perturbations
Birch, A. C., Braun, D. C., Hanasoge, S. M. & Cameron, R., Solar Physics, 254, 17

Numerical Models of Travel-time Inhomogeneities in Sunspots
Moradi, H., Hanasoge, S. M. & Cally, P. S., Astrophysical Journal Letters, 690, 72, arXiv e-print 0808.3628


Impact of Locally Suppressed Wave Sources on Helioseismic Traveltimes
Hanasoge, S. M., Couvidat, S., Rajaguru, S. P. & Birch, A. C., Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 391, 1931, arXiv e-print 0707.1369

Global Effects of Local Sound-Speed Perturbations in the Sun: A Theoretical Study
Hanasoge, S. M. & Larson, T. P., Solar Physics, 251, 91, arXiv arXiv e-print 0711.1877

f-mode Interactions with Thin Flux Tubes: The Scattering Matrix
Hanasoge, S. M., Birch, A. C., Bogdan, T. J. & Gizon, L., Astrophysical Journal 680, 774, arXiv e-print 0711.2076

Seismic Halos around Active Regions: A Magnetohydrodynamic Theory
Hanasoge, S. M., Astrophysical Journal 680, 1457, arXiv e-print 0712.3578

Helioseismology of Sunspots: a Case Study of NOAA Region 9787
Gizon et al., 2008, Space Science Reviews, 144, 249


Validation of Helioseismology through Forward Modeling: Realization Noise Subtraction and Kernels
Hanasoge, S. M., Duvall, T. L., Jr. & Couvidat, S., Astrophysical Journal 664, 1234

The Solar Acoustic Simulator: Applications and Results
Hanasoge, S. M. & Duvall, T. L., Jr., Astronomical Notes 328, 319

Smoldering Combustion of “Incense” Sticks – Experiments and Modeling
Mukunda, H. S., Basani, J., Shravan, H. M. & Binoy Philip, Combustion Science and Technology, 179, 1113


Computational Acoustics in Spherical Geometry: Steps toward Validating Helioseismology
Hanasoge, S. M. et al., Astrophysical Journal 648, 1268

Scattering of Acoustic Waves by a Magnetic Cylinder: Accuracy of the Born Approximation
Gizon, L., Hanasoge, S. M. & Birch, A. C., Astrophysical Journal 643, 549, arXiv e-print 0803.3839  

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