New York University (USA): Prof. Katepalli Sreenivasan, an expert on convection and turbulence, works with us on problems related to the dynamics of the solar convection zone.

New York University Abu Dhabi (UAE): Shravan Hanasoge is a co-PI of the Center for Space Science, NYUAD, a program that focuses on solar and stellar physics. We maintain close ties with the group there.

ETH Zurich (Switzerland): Prof. Andreas Fichtner, a seismologist at the Institute of Geophysics, collaborates with Shravan Hanasoge on a variety of problems of interest to terrestrial, helio- and exploration seismology.

Max-Planck Institute for Solar System Research (Germany): TIFR Seismology has a Max-Planck-DST-supported partner group enabling close collaboration. Several projects related to seismology and machine learning applied to predict the emergence of magnetism are ongoing and active. Students from TIFR routinely travel to MPS to pursue collaborative research work.

Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (India): Dr. Anant Sudarshan, Executive Director (South Asia) collaborates with us on using satellite data (NASA’s MODIS) to measure thermal changes in urban India.


Shell Technology Centre (India): We use methods of Renormalization Group theory to develop coarse-scale models of permeability that faithfully reproduce the flow rate, while fully accounting for the tensor nature of the coefficients. We also work with the seismology group to analyze passive seismic data and apply the adjoint method to image noise sources and eventually interior structure.

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