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Shadab Alam

Shadab Alam, [Reader @ DTP, TIFR Mumbai )

I am a faculty at Department of Theoretical Physics of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. I am primarily working on the Large Scale Structure of the Universe.

I am an astrophysicist working on two broad aspects of the universe. On one side, I am interested in the small scale non-linear physics, in particular questions of galaxy formation and evolution especially focusing on the connection between galaxy properties and host dark matter halos including AGN activity. This has the potential to unveil the true physical nature of what is called "Dark matter". On the other side, I am interested in cosmologically large scale, working on galaxy redshift survey to probe "Dark energy" and general relativity. I have focused on interpreting and extracting information based on galaxy dynamics perceived by a telescope. I have studied various dynamical and environmental effects on the galaxy spectrum and how those can help us make a more precise measurement of the content of the universe with novel tests of general relativity. This involves the understanding of cosmological theory, analyzing complex and large data and searching best fit parameter of the models with high-dimensional parameter space. Computing is a very essential part of my work. I normally use C++ and Fortran for all my back-end computationally intensive work and python for front-end. Recently I have started to use Julia.

You can find a list of my publication on arXiv and ADS.

You can find my detailed CV over here

Here are some short videos, I have created, related to my research

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