Physics of Universe and Galaxies

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  1. [Invited] eBOSS: Cosmology results and challenges
    State of the Universe, September 2020, TIFR Mumbai, India

  2. [Invited] Bright (Active) Galaxies in Dark Matter Haloes
    KIPAC Cosmology Seminar, February 2020, SLAC, USA


  1. Galaxies and AGN: Physics and Cosmology
    Dynamics of Large Scale Structure formation, July 2019 , MIAPP, Munich, Germany

  2. Quenching and galactic conformity in eBOSS
    The Cosmic Web: From Galaxies to Cosmology, June 2019, University of Edinburgh, UK

  3. [Invited] Solving the nonlinear galaxy clustering
    Cosmology - The next Decade, January 2019, ICTS, Bengaluru, India


  1. Do eBOSS tracers communicate with each other: An HOD approach
    eBOSS collaboration meeting, December 2018, LPNHE, Paris

  2. [Invited] The cosmic web dependence of galaxy clustering
    Paving the way for the next-generation cosmological survey, July 2018, Sesto

  3. [Invited] Evidence of Gravitational redshift and other relativistic effects in the observed universe
    June 2018, University of Oxford

  4. Measuring the cosmic web dependence in DESI spectrum
    DESI Collaboration meeting, Tucson, May 2018, University of Arizona

  5. Fibre Assigned Mocks
    DESI Collaboration meeting, Tucson, May 2018, University of Arizona

  6. [Invited] The cosmic web and galaxy clustering
    ANR-Spine farewell meeting, May 2018, University of Edinburgh

  7. [Invited] Relativistic effects in the large-scale structure
    Astro seminar, January 2018, University of Durham


  1. Gravitational redshift in the LSS
    SUPA Cormack Astronomy meeting, November 2017, University of Edinburgh

  2. Gravitational redshift in the large-scale structure
    Cosmo seminar, November 2017, University College London

  3. Redshift as a evidence of cosmic dance and structure
    Physics Seminar, October 2017, IISER Pune

  4. The cosmic web dependence of galaxy clustering
    Post Planck Cosmology, October 2017, IUCAA, Pune

  5. Redshift, the treasure of modern cosmology
    Department of Theoretical Physics seminar, October 2017,TIFR, Mumbai

  6. Investigating the Universe with redshift
    Cosmology Seminar, October 2017, IUCAA Pune

  7. Relativistic Effects in LSS
    Advances in theoretical cosmology, July 2017, Nordita Stockholm

  8. [Invited] Story of Universe
    Public outreach, Diamond High School, Jan 2017, Hyderabad, India


  1. Tidal Environment of galaxies and its properties
    Lensing Lunch, November 2016, University of Edinburgh

  2. Measurement of Gravitational redshift
    DEMOG, June 2016, University of Edinburgh

  3. Gravitational Redshift in LSS
    DESI collaboration meeting, June 2016, University of Durham

  4. Testing Gravity using Galaxy Redshift Surveys and CMB
    Research talks between May-October 2015 in cosmology seminar of NYU, Rutgers, JHU, Penn State, UC Berkeley, UCSB, UCLA, JPL, University of Michigan

  5. CLPT-GSRSD as a model for RSD
    SDSS-III collaboration meeting, Park City, July 2014, University of Utah

  6. Understanding Perturbation Theory and Gravity
    BOSS collaboration meeting, Berkeley, December 2013, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL)

  7. K-correction of Quasars (SDSS Data Release 10)
    SDSS-III Collaboration meeting, Baltimore, June 2013, John hopkins University

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