Observations and Data Access

The table below lists FRB fields observed using the JVLA. Some of the data is already available on the NRAO Archive. For all other data, please email Shriharsh (JVLA persistent data), Casey (realfast burst data), and Tracy (VLITE data).

Semester Allocated Time (hrs) Priority Observed Time (hrs) Targets
21B-176 40 (Priority C) ongoing ongoing
21A-387 60 (Priority C) 32.4 FRB 20181030A, FRB 20201124A, FRB 20190212A,
FRB 20190303A, FRB 20181119D, FRB 20201125A
FRB 20200223A
20B-280 50 (Priority C) 30.2 FRB 20180814B, FRB 20181030A, FRB 20180911A
54 (Priority B, ToO) 54 FRB 20200120C, FRB 20201130B, FRB 20200223,
FRB 20190208, FRB 20190303A, FRB 20190417B
20A-469 50 (Priority C) 40 FRB 20180814B, FRB 20180911, FRB 20190815A,
FRB 20190915C
19B-223 50 (Priority B, ToO) 40 FRB 20190303A
19A-331 37.8 (Priority B, ToO) 37.8 FRB 20180814B, FRB 20180916B
18B-405 40 (Priority B, ToO) 40 FRB 20180916B, FRB 20190117, FRB 20190303A