Dr. Shyamalava MAZUMDAR

Senior Professor


Department of Chemical Sciences
Off: D319
Tel: +91 (0) 22 2278 2363
Email: shyamal -at- tifr -dot- res- in

Ph.D in Chemistry from TIFR, University of Mumbai, INDIA in 1990

Academic & Research Experience:

Post doc. with Prof. H. Allen O. Hill, FRS, University of Oxford, UK (1992-1993)
Associate Professor at T.I.F.R., Mumbai (1999-2006)
Professor at  T.I.F.R., Mumbai  (2006 –2014)
Senior Professor at T.I.F.R., Mumbai (2014-todate)
Visiting Research Scientist at Department of Chemistry, Princeton University,  USA (2001-2002)
Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at Biozentrum, University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany (2003


Biological Inorganic Chemistry- with special interest on the structural and functional aspects of the active site formed by the metal ion and the surrounding amino acids in metalloenzymes and metalloproteins.

Genetic engineering of the active site of metalloenzymes to introduce newer functionality.
Redox and electron transfer processes in metalloproteins and enzymes with special interest on respiratory oxidases, heme mono-oxygenases and Peroxidases.

Nano-Biotechnology- for developing viable redox enzyme based catalysts immobilized on nanomaterials for electro- or photo catalysis.
Circular Dichroism spectrometry, Bioelectrochemistry, protein mass spectrometry and protein-nanoparticle conjugates.


Design of artificial enzymes

The residues at the substrate binding site of the cytochrome P450 located above the heme center plays the key role in anchoring the substrate in a specific orientation facilitating reaction of the substrate with oxygen catalyzed by the mono-oxygenase enzyme:

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Understanding the active site properties of an orphan Cytochrome P450 In the 17th International Conference on Biological Inorganic Chemistry (ICBIC17) in Beijing, China, in July 20-24, 2015.

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