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Sourav Chatterjee

I am a Reader at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai in the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics (DAA).

My research spans a diverse range of topics including exoplanets, planet formation, planetary structures, stellar dynamics, star clusters, astrophysics of gravitational waves, and compact-object binaries. My most recent works have focused on how compact multiple exoplanet systems form, how dynamical processes can leave potential observable signatures on planetary structures and their atmospheric properties, dynamical evolution of globular clusters, astrophysical origins of gravitational wave sources detectable by LIGO and LISA, the retention fraction of black holes in today's globular clusters, and how Gaia can potentially revolutionize our understanding of the black hole populations in the Milky Way and thus shed light on their formation process and birth properties.

Most of my research interests come under the broad umbrella of the fundamental question: 'How gravitational dynamics affects our universe.' I combine numerical simulations, data analysis, and statistical techniques to unveil mysteries of our universe. My research is broadly relevant for explaining/understanding the observations from several international (e.g., HST, Keck, Chandra, Gaia, LIGO, LISA, SKA, TESS) and national (e.g., GMRT, Astrosat, and a myriad of optical telescopes) observational facilities.

When I am not trying to understand the fascinating mysteries of our universe, I like playing music on my sitar, playing tennis and cricket. I love traveling to new places, learning new cultures, and I dabble in photography.

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