Second Bulletin

15th November, 2017

The SUSY 2017 will be held at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai, from 11-15th December 2017, and the Pre-SUSY school will be held during 4-8th December, 2017.

Registration: All registered participants are requested to provide details, including accommodation, arrival/departure and payment details, etc, if not done so. We need these information for all participants in order to organize this conference smoothly.

Abstract: Please check your Indico page to know the status of your abstract. If you have any query, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Pre-SUSY school

4-8th December : 9:00 – 18:00 hrs
Schedule of talks will be uploaded soon. During school period breakfast, lunch and dinner will be arranged at the venue.

Main Conference
Plenary Sessions :9:00 – 12:30 hrs, 11-15th December
:14:00 – 16:00 hrs, 15th December.
Cultural program :18:30 hrs, 12th December
Welcome Dinner :20:00 hrs, 12th December.
Excursion :14:00 hrs, 13th December
Banquet :19:00 hrs, 14th December
Sessions closes :17:30 hrs, 15th December

Plenary sessions are almost finalized, it will be uploaded soon.
Lunch, Tea/Coffee are arranged at the venue.
Venue for welcome dinner and banquet will be announced later.

Accommodation: Please book or request for your accommodation as soon as possible, if not already done. If you are late, you will not get special discounted rates or rooms may not be available at all.

Accommodation in Hotels/Guest Houses are booked for those who have requested organizers. We will inform you in details in due due time. If you have any queries, please send a mail to with a cc to

Accommodation in Hostels upon request (both for Pre-SUSY school and Main conference) are also arranged on sharing(multiple) basis. Those are in different locations in Mumbai. Please update your registration page providing your request for Hostel accommodation along with your travel details, if not done so. At the end of the month of November, we will announce the details of arrangements.

Invitation Letters: Invitation letters for the purpose of visa application are already sent by email to registered participants. Indian participants are requested to sent an email to conference email address, if they need invitation letter.

Airport pickup and drop off: Participants who have paid the optional fare for airport pickup will be intimated about their car details well in advance. Airport drop off can be arranged on request after arrival.

Transport between venue and hotels: We will arrange transports to bring participants from hotels to venue and back on the conference days. In our third and final bulletin , all details regarding schedule and pick up points etc will be posted. However, all hotels are less than 5 Km from the venue and alternative transport is very easy(For details see Useful information).

Child Care Center: A day care center for children is available in the residential area that is adjacent to the TIFR campus. Details of the CCC can be obtained from the CCC website . Further queries may be sent to the conference email address.

Visiting places: The venue and the listed hotels are all either right in popular tourist areas or very close by. This will help participants spend memorable time after the conference hours. Also, we have put up a few suggestions for one/two day trip outside Mumbai. Please visit the relevant sections of the general information page. We will soon put up maps of the area.

News and General Information: The "General Information" page of the conference website is being constantly updated with new information. Please visit this page often to pick up latest information. Also, any news that has to catch attention will be highlighted as “New” of the conference website.

Third Bulletin: We will publish the 3rd and final bulletin at the end of November for moreinformation.,

For any queries, please send mail to conference address:

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