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September 6, 2021.Posted by Vivas Bagwe


Transport Facilitation Committee (TFC) is a committee formed by the Staff of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) to handle the Contributory Transport Facility through Private Transport Service Provider for TIFR Employees, Students & Visitors. Mainly, it facilitates the commute between the Institute and the nearest railheads of Central Railway i.e CSMT and Western Railway i.e Churchgate. The TFC decides on the bus timings, keeps a check on the bus schedule and also maintains the accounts of receipts and payments. Please do note that it is a fully Contributory Service and a nominal charge is to be paid to the TFC to use the Bus Transport. The charges are deducted from the monthly salary of the employees directly. However, other users need to make an individual payment to TFC.

Latest Notice

Please maintain distancing in the buses as per the Government Directives.

General Guidelines for all the TFC Members

1. In order to get equal chance of seating to the members boarding from CSMT and Churchgate while coming to TIFR in the morning, the front four rows on right hand side (i.e three seater / two seater behind the driver) and three rows on left hand side (i.e two seater, totally 18 seats) are reserved for Churchgate members. Staff members boarding at CSMT stop are hereby requested to vacate these seats when the bus reaches the Churchgate stop. The CSMT members can occupy the front vacant seats only when all the Churchgate members are seated. Hope that the CSMT members will co-operate in this matter and respect the sentiments of fellow members boarding from Churchgate. This rule is applicable for all the services in the morning session.

2. All the members are requested to alight from and board the buses at the designated bus stops only. If they have to alight at any other place they can only request the bus driver but refrain from arguing with him. Staff Members will not be allowed to board the buses from any place apart from the usual bus stops. This is to be followed for the safety of all the staff members and to maintain the road traffic rules.

3. The members who are getting retired from Institute are requested to return the bus passes issued to them and/or their family members. If they wish to continue using TFC/TIFR bus service they should contact the Secretary, TFC in advance for the same.

4. In case of lost/misplaced bus pass, a new bus pass will be reissued by charging a penalty fee of Rupees Twenty-Five Only. (Rs.25/-).


We would like an active feedback from the members. All the members are hereby encouraged to write an e-mail to tfc@tifr.res.in for any complaints, suggestions and feedback.