Welcome to the TFC Webpage

November 1, 2019Posted by Vivas Bagwe


Transport Facilitation Committee (TFC) is a committee formed by the Staff of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) to handle the Contributory Transport Facility through Private Transport Service Provider for TIFR Employees, Students & Visitors. Mainly, it facilitates the commute between the Institute and the nearest railheads of Central Railway i.e CSMT and Western Railway i.e Churchgate. The TFC decides on the bus timings, keeps a check on the bus schedule and also maintains the accounts of receipts and payments. Please do note that it is a fully Contributory Service and a nominal charge is to be paid to the TFC to use the Bus Transport. The charges are deducted from the monthly salary of the employees directly. However, other users need to make an individual payment to TFC.


We would like an active feedback from the members. Please do inform the committee members directly.