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Personal Information

I am a scientist working at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research since 1979. My main fields of interest are high-energy astrophysics, mainly Cosmic Rays, X-rays and Gamma Rays.

I have been studying them by experiments as well as by modeling. I have participated in experiments such as Anuradha that was flown on the Space Shuttle in 1985 and Indian X-ray Astronomy Payload that was flown on an Indian Satellite in 1996. I have also participated in the Solar X-ray Spectroscopy Experiment that was launched on India's GSAT 2 satellite in 2003. I am now involved with the ASTROSAT, India's most ambitious multi wavelength astronomy satellite.

On phenomenological studies, I have had interests in particle acceleration in solar and stellar flares. I have also been interested in the origin of the Gamma Ray Bursts, which I suspect may be flares on binary stars that are normally too faint to be seen.

Recently my interests have shifted to the movement of the in the interstellar medium and acceleration of cosmic rays in the Heliopause. I am also interested in the origin of solar system.

My latest field of curiosity is the the field of Archaeoastronomy.

Science Popularisation is my hobby and I like creating programmes as well as giving lectures to students on issues of astronomy as well as science and society.

More details of my research are listed here.

I am often asked Why study science and How to study science so my opinion on both these are now public.

My other activities

        I am the National Co-ordinator for Indian Astronomy Olympiad Programme.

Do you support the introduction of Vedic Mathematics in school curriculum? Read this article by Professor S.G. Dani, School of Mathematics, TIFR. A shorter version of the article is also available here. It clearly shows that what goes on under the name of Vedic Mathematics is neither Vedic, nor Mathematics!

Other details

Publications (However, this is rather old - for a more recent list ask: ADS
My favourite lectures
Some of my papers
My full address

I want to thank Mandar Mulherkar for designing my web page. I am grateful to him for doing such an excellent work. I also want to thank Mr. V Nandagopal for helping me maintain this page.

This web page is (not very well) maintained by me. If you have any comments or suggestions to give, please feel free to mail me at vahia @tifr.res.in

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