I enjoy giving lectures to students and general public. Four of my favourite lectures are given below. These lectures are a superset of various lectures and are meant to give a more general flavour. Technical lectures are not included in this set.

1) Physical Sciences and their impact on human civilisation The presentation summarises my views of how science has changed the human civilisation.The presentation uses some cartoon strips from Calvin and Hobbes and Ching Chow. I would like to acknowledge their excellent cartoons that have clarified so many points in the talk. The talk has 91 slides and takes about five hours to deliver!
2) Atoms to Astronomy This talk clarifies various concepts in Astornomy and Astrophysics and include images from all over. The talk has more than 200 slides and takes about eight hours to deliver!
3) Unity of Science This is based on the famous book "Powers of 10" by Morisson but the pictures are Indianised and some other things have also been added. It has about 50 slides and takes only a couple of hours to deliver!
4) High Energy Astrophysics This is a talk on various aspects of the field. It has about 64 slides and takes a couple of hours to deliver!
5) India in Space
This talk gives an overview of India's space programmes. It has 57 slides and can be given in about one and a half hours.
6) On the irrelevance of being Pluto
This talk is about the controvercy that dethroned Pluto from the status of a planet
7) Intelligent life in the Universe
This is a discussion on the possibilty of life in general and intelligent life in particular in the Universe.

My lecutures on foudation of Archaoe Astronomy course are given below.

1) Origin of Astronomy
This is a discussion on how astronomy originates
2) Origin of humans
This is a discussion on archaeological, geneological, genetic and linguistic origin of humans
3) Astronomy in Stones
This is a discussion on various manners in which astronomy records are made

I hope you enjoy looking at the .pdf versions of the lectures as much as I have enjoyed giving them.