***Download the new trilingual 2015 TIFR Flyer on "Prevention and Resolution of Sexual Harassment" here. It is in English, Hindi and Marathi***

The TIFR Women Cell was constituted in 1997 to help maintain a harmonious atmosphere at the Institute, to enable women to pursue their work with dignity and reassurance. The Cell has been working to raise awareness in the community on gender equality issues.

This Cell functions as the "Internal Complaints Committee" as required by the December 2013 Act of Supreme Court on "Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013".

Apart from attending to its principal mandate of looking into instances of sexual harassment, the Women Cell engages in organizing various activities such as lectures, workshops, stage plays, movies, discussions, elocution etc., promoting gender equality and gender amity. The Cell has also actively involved itself with facilitating women in their work, through setting up of Child Care Centre and health programmes for women, especially organization of pre-cancer check-ups.

Any member of the Cell may be contacted regarding cases of sexual harassment or other activities of the Cell.

Do note that all TIFR Centres have their own Women Cell as of 2014. Please use the link below to access their websites directly:

TCIS, Hyderabad
HBCSE, Mumbai
NCBS, Bangalore
CAM, Bangalore
NCRA, Pune

Recent NEWS:

**1n 2017 three major science journals in India came out with a very special initiative - to bring out scientific contributions solely by fantastic women scientists, - Click here for further details**